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How to Negotiate Salary with a Potential or Existing Employer

Joining a new company can be a challenging time. Do you accept the first compensation offer or counter to see …

How to Negotiate with a Potential Employee

Unemployment rates are still at 4.1% from the latest Department of Labor findings and employees expect competitive salary and benefits …

Start Living on the Creative Plane

I’ve talked before about the pitfalls of “winning,” in a previous entry. In it, I explore the differences between winning …

The Pygmalion Effect: Part Two

In Part One, I shared the story of Nancy, a former client who was letting her expectations impede what was …

The Pygmalion Effect: Part Onec

In any negotiation, we bring with us a certain set of expectations to the table. We expect each material point …

Learning How to Unlearn

If the last few years have taught me anything, it’s that we’re really attached to what we know—or think we …


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