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E-learning sector: a table top with laptops and people working

Making Deals in the E-Learning Sector

Jon Tota started as a screenwriter, then went to Wall Street and found his way into computers in the late …
wealth management: a bar graph made from parts of a dollar bill, trending upwards

Wealth Management & Deal-Making

Peter Nesvold is a lawyer, CFA and CPA by background. He’s also a multi-disciplinary finance executive with 20+ years of …
capital gains: Black man in a suit sitting in an outdoor courtyard with a black suit, blue tie, looking at his phone

Capital Gains’ Impact on Deals

A few weeks ago I came on and shared some thoughts on capital gains rates and deal-making. It ended up …
entreprenuer-in-residence Ramon Ray sits with hands on legs, blue sweater, black pants, yellow tie, smiling

Providing Value as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Ramon Ray is a leading expert on small business success. He inspires and educates thousands of business owners every year …
speaker management: a female speaker on stage, raised hands in the audience

Speaker Management & Deal-Making Pivots

Li Hayes is a returning guest (you can listen in to her previous episode, From Concept to Oscars: Overcoming Barriers …
repeatable processes: two men sitting on a park bench, dressed in business clothing, looking at an iPad screen

Repeatable Processes For Organizational Success

As CEO, Martin Hershberger has scaled two companies to 8-figures and beyond. As a small business owner, he’s sold to …


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