Authentic Deal-Making

Corporate Therapy

Dr. Rachel Headley is the type of person who always wants to dive into the next project, and she has never been content in stagnant situations where her skills and processes aren’t being pushed to their limits. That said, entrepreneurship is kind of a double-edged sword. But the type of work Dr. Headley’s company focuses on is in alignment with her need to tackle new challenges regularly.

People-First Solutions in the Workplace

Rose Group International helps people work, by providing companies with organizational efficiency coaching and training to address challenges around teamwork, productivity, time management, and retention. Dr. Headley was inspired after she identified a major disconnect between executives and their employees and knew that there was a solution. With Rose Group International, she examines the organizational deficiencies on a case-by-case basis and tailors a solution that will help her clients achieve their aspirations and transformational goals.

People are the main culprit when a company is experiencing inefficiencies, but it is often addressed by leadership in the wrong way. M&As and other types of deals provide a window into the abyss because productivity usually tanks in these types of deals. Different types of deals have a major impact on the employees because executives generally do not approach them in a way that allows their people to thrive.

Visualizing Employee Traits to Create a Strategy

You can draft the best legal agreement or integration plan in the world, but if the people are unable to work together it is not going to yield the desired results. This is where Headley comes in and her process starts by understanding how the people work. Her first step is to identify the different personality types including fixers, stabilizers, organizers, and independents. Headley assesses all of an organization’s employees so leaders can start to understand who is on their team, who is going to pose a challenge, and the strategies that need to be developed to get different types of employees on board.

Once you understand how people are going to react to change, it enables you to form a strategic plan to roll out your deal to the rest of the organization. It doesn’t have to be utter chaos, and that is why getting Dr. Headley involved sooner than later will only help smooth out the transition. This type of coaching and training is much more effective as a preventative measure than a restorative measure, but it will help either way.

Leverage Your Employees During Periods of Change

Whether it is an internal reorg or restructuring a marketing plan, a lot of CEOs are willing to roll over and accept that it is going to suck for a few years instead of taking the initiative to tackle the problem right away. Dr. Headley and her team come in and help employees adjust to these organizational changes and thrive in ways that you haven’t seen before. If you can get everyone on board with change the effects are powerful because it enables employees to enter an innovation stage, where hesitations are overcome and creativity flourishes. The same change that was a force of destruction becomes an agent of growth, and the company will benefit drastically in the long run.

Dr. Headley developed this assessment to reflect who your people are in a way that is actually relevant to your decision making. The whole point is to problem-solve with your people in a way that no one else does. Change doesn’t have to be hard or take a long time and once you give people a toolkit that works, they will take it and run with it.

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