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Pitching For Profit & Deal-Making Wins

Precious Williams is a returning DealQuest guest (you can also catch her on Episode 79) who has successfully appeared on Shark Tank and is a 13x Elevator Pitch champion. In less than two years she grew her company from zero to multiple six figures, and her clients have received national, international, and corporate recognition. She’s a world class speaker for brands including Google, and Microsoft, and is a 3x number one bestselling author. Precious is truly the queen of pitching for profit.

Last time Precious and I spoke, she discussed her Shark Tank experience and how she trains people to pitch. We’re not focusing on that today, so feel free to visit our first episode if you’re interested in those parts of her journey! Now, Precious is here to share about deals, especially book deals.

What Would it Mean For You?

Precious notes that she’s published all three of her books with the same publisher, including her most recent, Pitching for Profit: The Bad Bitches’ Playbook to Convert Conversations into Currency. However, this time some things were different.

She notes people often ask how she went from being virtually unknown to being a major power player in less than three years. Television networks and media reach out to her, and she’s spoken for Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, George Washington University, Intuit Quickbooks, NBC Universal, PwC and more. With success like that, people want to know!

In return, Precious has a few questions of her own: 

  • What would it mean for you if you could rebuild your network to make it more lucrative for you? 
  • Would you benefit if someone could pitch you in a space you didn’t even know existed? 
  • What would it do for your business if people were coming to you for referrals and opportunities?

Ten years ago, Precious notes she was pitching to raise money and gain relationships. Now, she teaches women how to never be broke again. One call, that’s all. Building relationships is a key part of this — listen in to hear more about the impactful client relationships Precious builds.

Pitching For Profit

At her recent live event, Precious shared how attendees got to meet people and make connections that they wouldn’t have otherwise had. Relationships are key. In fact, she even pointed out that the DealQuest brand inherently speaks to this idea that it takes more than one person. Deals, after all, require at least two parties at the table.

They also require trust, which is something that Precious strives to build with both her clients and her readers.

Her latest book, Pitching for Profit, serves as a playbook for women who want that coach in their corner, running them through plays. Precious notes that this is different from her first two books, which were all about pitching and only pitching. This time, she’s offering guidance, support, and actionable takeaways that really help you move the needle. It offers a step-by-step approach to getting people into your network, attracting VIP’s, and making yourself attractive. 

In a nutshell: It’s a must read for anyone making deals and crafting pitches.

(We both give a shout out to Ramon Ray, who has major knowledge on using influence to create deals.)

Lessons From Three Book Deals

After meeting with several big publishers, Precious realized she was hearing a lot of deals that sounded good up front, but would possibly feel like mistakes later on. Her solution? Finding a smaller publisher that would work with her to create a deal they both felt great about. 

Enter Pen Legacy and Charron Monaye. 

In their deal, Precious has full rights to her books and isn’t having to split her profits at all when people buy her book. (Of course 3rd party sellers, like Amazon and Target, always get their cut. But that’s not in addition to the publisher taking a chunk too!) After watching the impressive distribution and marketing of her first book with them, including Forbes Magazine doing an interview with her, Precious was hooked.

She also notes that most people don’t have that. In fact, your average author is lucky to sell 500 books in a lifetime….and still lose royalties to their publisher. Precious, however, is still selling copies of her first book, years after publishing. That’s the power of a strong deal with a strong publishing house, regardless of size.

Quick Tip: When she’s pursuing speaking contracts, she always tries to add in an expectation for the organization to purchase a bulk order of her books to give to attendees or use internally. This adds to the gross number of books sold, and keeps them circulating.

I noted that, in my own publishing experience, I didn’t write the book to get rich. I never intended for it to be a major money maker. Instead, I planned to leverage it into speaking and other exposure opportunities, which I have absolutely been able to do. My wife Rha, however, did a major book deal with a significant advance when she published The Calling. For her, that was the right call. When it comes to book deals, stay open minded and be willing to look beyond the obvious!

Leveraging Relationships and Influence

You don’t need millions of followers or fans to make a deal or have influence. Instead, you need to grow your own niche audience and prove that you have influence within those circles.

Precious’ first pitching engagement was with a non-profit, Bottomless Closet, who then referred her to Viacom. She was able to walk into that room as a trainer and subject matter expert. Precious notes that she strives to have a measurable result to the work she does. Whether she is teaching how to pitch, or focusing on some other element of communications or business or boundaries — she wants her presentations to be memorable and her audience to walk away with something powerful and tangible.

As she taught and trained at one place, she’d get an opportunity, another open door. She found that, if the right people know you, it doesn’t matter if the whole world doesn’t know you.

By growing her reputation, Precious was able to utilize those contacts by asking for recommendations, introductions, and testimonials. As the group willing to vouch for her grew, it became easier and easier for her to gain traction with new leads.

Making Speaking Deals

Last year, Precious spoke at LinkedIn and was voted the best speaker at the event. This year, they called her back. They said they wanted her to speak…for 4 minutes. In 4 minutes and 17 seconds, Precious saw her DM’s and inbox blow up with requests for her rates, requests to have her speak, and requests for interviews.

In an opportunity so small it was less than 5 minutes.

You don’t need hours on the stage to gain traction if you deliver value.

I noted that many speakers get caught up with speaking on stages. Covid taught them that that is a weak business model. The stage can disappear, and with it your income!

Although Precious does leverage speaking on stage as part of her income generating strategy, she doesn’t rely on it as her sole source of income. Instead, she believes in leveraging it into other opportunities.

When organizations started announcing they wouldn’t be having live events, she learned to adapt to virtual offerings. She also learned to use those initial speaking engagements as a platform to offer more services. Corporation training, for example, is a great offering to add.

Precious also has a LinkedIn Live show. It’s virtual, and it gives executives, CEO’s, and other connections a chance to get a feel for her energy and style. As they learned from her, they also followed up about bringing her in to speak and train.

When she’s preparing to speak, she also looks to include book purchases into the contracts. Having those books circulating helps Precious build a tribe and create even more connections. Recently, she started selling merchandise as well. She’s also started expanding to speaking to teenagers, mixed groups, and up and down the employment hierarchy ladder.

She’s able to say: If you like what I did here, I can also offer to do that over there

Precious showed up for our interview with passion and wisdom. This is a must listen, with more takeaways than I can list here!


Corey Kupfer is an expert strategist, negotiator and dealmaker. He has more than 35 years of professional deal-making and negotiating experience. Corey is a successful entrepreneur, attorney, consultant, author and professional speaker. He is deeply passionate about deal-driven growth. He is also the creator and host of the DealQuest Podcast.

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Pitching Deals As Your Authentic Self

Have you ever met the full-figured diva who has taken the business world by storm and won BIG? Well now you have! Precious L. Williams, also affectionately known as the #KillerPitchMaster, can help you #slayallcompetition. She does so with her “killer” elevator pitches, media pitches, and investor pitches. I’m really excited to share our conversation, especially as it pertains to pitching deals as your authentic self.

Who is Precious Williams?

As a child, Precious wanted to be a talk show host. Even then she knew that her future was going to include using her voice and commanding the attention of an audience. She could not have been more right!

Today, Precious is a world class master communicator. She works with successful entrepreneurs and speakers around the world. Her main role is to help them take their professional pitching and speaking skills to the next level. Williams has over 25 years of experience in creating unique speaking and public speaking techniques. In addition, she is known for her innovative training programs and services to her clients. This includes sales teams at Fortune 100 companies, including Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, eBay, and more.

Prior to her rise, she shares that her first real deal was getting her job back. She had been fired from a grocery store, and she went back and laid out the reasons she should be rehired. (Once she got it back, she realized she didn’t want it anymore and resigned!)

Pitching Deals For Sport

As a 13-time national business elevator pitch champion, Williams has been on top television shows and publications. She’s widely known for her pitching, branding, and professional speaking skills. Here in the US she has been featured on Season 8 of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” Forbes Magazine, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, and the movie “LEAP,”. She’s also been featured in other outlets around the world. Precious is also the author of a #1 bestselling business book and has been featured on top podcasts and stages globally.

The philosophy of her “killer” pitch is evident in the strategic and personalized creative communications and presentations solutions Williams puts forth. She is a quintessential serial entrepreneur, international professional speaker, and corporate trainer. As such, Williams is equipped to bring life, authenticity, strategy, and boldness to all your oral and written communication needs. Her ability to pitch herself, and to help others pitch themselves, has been a key element of her success!

The Shark Tank Experience

By the time Precious made it to Shark Tank, she had already coached multiple clients on their own presentations. She felt like the best kept secret. Getting her own chance to pitch a business she cared deeply about was an exhilarating experience.

She listened to her music, then said GAME ON. Walking down that hall, seeing the doors open, and facing the Sharks was like nothing else. Precious shares that she felt spellbound during her experience. At the end Mark Cuban said “You are a master at your craft.” Every question they asked, she had an answer for. During our interview, she shared multiple times that she felt she had been born for that moment.

Regardless of all the prior feedback Precious had received about how her gender, race, and background were going to prevent her from success, she rose to the occasion. Not only that, but she blew it out of the water. Most impressively, she wasn’t even there for a deal! She was there to prove that it could be done. If you’ve seen her episode, you know she achieved her goal.

Benefits of Pitching (Thinking Beyond the Deal)

Precious shares that her first ever pitch was getting onto the Your Business with JJ Ramberg show. At the time, she didn’t even consciously know she was pitching. Her second ever pitch was on the elevator segment of the show. It resulted in a $500,000 win! She had been told it could never happen for her, but it did.

Too many people think about the money first and foremost when they pitch. Precious shares that you need to think beyond that. Consider who else is in the room. Possible partners, mentors, collaborators, or future investors are all around you. You’re constantly making connections and contacts. Pay attention to who else is in the room!

Because of these secondary opportunities, you can think of pitching itself as a gift. Regardless of the immediate outcome, just the chance itself to pitch as the ability to create traction and transformation in your business.

As a business person, you never know who you’ll be sitting next to on a plane, in a restaurant, or anywhere else. You should be able to share what your business is, what pain points it addresses, and how people can get involved in a succinct and compelling way. Too many people can’t do that! Your elevator pitch shouldn’t be dry and boring. You should be sharing about your business with passion and intensity.

What is going to let your listeners know that YOU are the right person for them to work with and invest in? Share that!

Change Your Language and Change the Game

When Precious pitched her lingerie company, she didn’t get up and say “Here’s lingerie for plus sized women.” Why? No one cares. That’s not interesting or compelling. Instead, she changed the language to make it compelling. You have the power to consider each and every word you use to present your product or company. Choose powerful options!

For Curvy Girls Lingerie, she pitched the company as being “The ultimate shopping experience for full figured divas and plus sized fashionistas!” People wanted to know more about these women, this market, the product. It didn’t feel boring, it felt exciting. It also helped her tap into a market of over 30 million women who are size 14 or larger who want to wear beautiful undergarments.

In addition to your language, you need to think about your mindset. Do YOU believe in this product? Can you prove that you are behind your product 100%? Can you show up and bring your pitch with passion and intensity time and time again? If not, why would anyone else be interested? You owe it to yourself and your dream to pitch with passion every time.

Pitching With Passion

Precious believes that part of her purpose here on earth is to use the power of language to pitch your brilliance and passion. For anyone who has been told that they can’t because of some perceived stereotype or barrier, she is here to say that you can.

There is a brilliance inside of you that deserves to be seen. Precious loves to come alongside these people and kick through doors together. How? It’s all done with the power of the pitch!

Wan to learn more about the power of pitching? Interested in an example of how to break-through implicit bias within the deal making industry? Listen in to the full episode here!

Corey Kupfer is an expert strategist, negotiator and dealmaker. He has more than 35 years of professional deal-making and negotiating experience. Corey is a successful entrepreneur, attorney, consultant, author and professional speaker who is passionate about deal-driven growth. He is also the creator and host of the DealQuest Podcast.

If you want to find out how deal-ready you are, take the Deal- Ready Assessment today!