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The Deal-Driven Strategies: 10 Steps for Exponential Growth event is designed to help executives & CEOs discover the power of deal-making, learn how to assess their current position, and determine how to reach the next level, no matter what their starting point is.


Corey Kupfer is a deal-driven growth
All business owners are seeking growth, but many of them fail to take advantage of in-organic, deal-driven opportunities. If we’ve learned anything from the global pandemic, however, it’s that we all need to be seriously exploring a myriad of options and consistently seeking new ways to creatively expand.
Now, more than ever, is the time to tap into the

power of deal-driven growth!

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DealQuest Freedom Event

You’ll learn that the level of transformation provided by becoming a master deal-maker is not just a matter of hiring new team members, figuring out social media algorithms and market trends, surviving a pandemic, or selling more products.
In reality, you’re responding to a call to step into a whole new identity.

The Power of a
Deal-Driven Mindset

When you embrace a deal-driven mindset, you’ll be
able to:
More fully align your vision & values
Create a new level of unshakable confidence
Accelerate your personal & business success

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Corey Kupfer

Strategist. Negotiator. Deal-Maker.
A business owner from age 15, attorney Corey Kupfer has represented, trained and mentored thousands of companies and entrepreneurs to create leaps in their business growth.
He now offers that same expertise through DealQuest, featuring tools, training, networking and expert insights on everything from complex mergers and acquisitions to exit strategies and small deals that require little capital.
Start using the power of deal-driven growth!
Corey Kupfer is a deal-driven growth

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