DealQuest Social Action Calls

YOU hold the power to thrive in disruptive times!

Are you a socially conscious entrepreneur, high-level executive or business leader?

If so, you know in your gut that now is the time to stay positive, address challenges head-on, focus on making an impact on important social, racial and political issues while creatively pursuing growth opportunities in an ever-changing market.
That’s why you want to join us for the next DealQuest Social Action Call!!
These free Zoom calls are ideal for leaders like you who are seeking to make wise decisions, embrace new situations and make a difference for others. Together we’ll share what’s working best and what challenges we are facing right now.
Hosted by: Corey Kupfer

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Your Host

Corey Kupfer

A business owner from age 15, attorney Corey Kupfer has represented, trained and mentored thousands of companies and entrepreneurs to create leaps in their business growth.

He now offers that same expertise through DealQuest, featuring tools, training, networking and expert insights on everything from complex mergers and acquisitions to exit strategies and small deals that require little capital.

Embrace Corey’s his deal-driven Mindset to:
  • Align your vision & values
  • Create unshakable confidence
  • Accelerate personal & business success