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Your answers at last will help Corey identify the obstacles that are holding you back from being a deal-driven growth genius because it clarifies you stance.

Corey’s unique approach is honest,
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Mindy Diamond

President and CEO of Diamond Consulting

The Visionary Leader

Strategist. Negotiator. Deal-Maker.

A business owner from age 15, attorney Corey Kupfer has represented, trained and even mentored thousands of companies and entrepreneurs to create leaps in their business growth.

Moreover, He now offers that same expertise through DealQuest™, featuring tools, training, networking and expert insights on everything. From complex mergers and acquisitions to exit strategies and indeed small deals that require little capital in conclusion.

Embrace Corey’s deal-driven mindset to:

  • Align your vision & values
  • Determine the best types of deals for your business
  • Accelerate personal & business success


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