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Deal-driven growth strategist, negotiator, deal-maker, speaker and attorney. Founder of DealQuest, host of the weekly DealQuest Podcast, and author of Authentic Negotiating.

A successful entrepreneur from the age of 15, Corey is a passionate advocate and leader in the entrepreneurial world and a renowned strategist on deal-driven growth.
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A Deal-Driven Mindset

Every company focuses on sales and marketing and providing great products and services. This type of organic growth is crucial for any company. If you don’t attract customers and clients you don’t have a business. Many companies, however, are stagnant or not growing at the rate they would like to be and are frustrated that organic growth is not getting them to where they want to be fast enough. There is an additional route that only a fraction of companies use to double, triple and accelerate their growth 10X or more – that is deals. It starts with a shift in mindset. Anyone can be a deal-maker and all companies – no matter the size or level of capital – can do some type of deal to help accelerate its growth.

Deal Quest
The DealQuest Vision

Corey founded DealQuest to provide courses, retreats, masterminds and content to support entrepreneurs, high-level executives and business leaders to achieve their visions and goals through deal-driven growth.

He also hosts the DealQuest weekly podcast featuring conversations with those entrepreneurs, high-level executives and business leaders, and the experts and professionals who serve them, in which they share their journeys and behind-the-scenes successes, failure and lessons to help listeners learn, gain the confidence to pursue and take action on their own deal-driven growth. 

Watch out for additional information coming soon on upcoming deal-driven growth courses and retreats and on high-end masterminds for those serious about their DealQuest and want to share that journey and get support from committed and motivated peers who are doing the same.

Deal Quest vision
Corey gives us great insight and practical ideas on negotiation strategy and tools that people can implement to help them in not just business but all aspects of life.

-John Bly
Author of Cracking the Code: An Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Growing Your Business through Mergers & Acquisitions for Pennies on the Dollar

Authentic Negotiating
A Framework for
Successful Negotiating

In his Amazon best-seller, Authentic Negotiating: Clarity, Detachment & Equilibrium – The Three Keys to True Negotiating Success & How to Achieve Them, Corey shares his renowned expertise on a key component of deal-making: negotiating.

In the book, he outlines the internal work that allows anyone to be grounded and centered, no matter what occurs during a negotiation. Those who embrace this mindset credit it with delivering not just phenomenal results, but helping them make sure they stay aligned to their truth, values and vision. It even lifted Corey to the success he is today – from the brink of bankruptcy with over $300k in debt during the 2008/2009 financial crisis. His insights put him in high demand as a strategist, speaker and attorney in both the entrepreneurial, business and financial services arenas.

Corey Kupfer

Media & Speaking Accolades

Corey has appeared in numerous media outlets, including:
The New York Times
The wall street journal
Daily news
Financial planning
Daily worth

Corey is a professional  member and President of the National Speakers’ Association NYC Chapter and  was also a long-time member and former President of the New York Chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization. He is a sought out speaker and trainer for conferences and entrepreneurial groups nationwide.

Corey Kupfer
Business Law

In 1992, at the age of 30, Corey founded his own law firm Kupfer & Associates, PLLC which works with companies through their entire life-cycle, from start-up through exit. There, negotiating and deal-making is a large part of advancing his clients’ business interests. Some of his high-profile clients include bestselling business author David Bach and leading RIA firms such as Procyon Partners.

Deal-Driven Growth: Your Ticket to Freedom

For Entrepreneurs, High-level Executives & Business Leaders

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Authentic Negotiating

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