Licensing Deals

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Licensing Deals

In continuance with the DealQuest Podcast episode remastering project, I’m sharing with you one of my earlier solocasts regarding licensing deals. In this episode, you’ll find not only the basics of licensing deals, but the various types of deals that can be executed through licensing, including large complex mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, joint ventures, strategic alliances, real estate, affiliate ship deals, and more. Furthermore, the potential for recurring income through the use of intellectual property. A lot to cover, but necessary for understating licensing deals as a whole and a surefire way of utilizing licensing deals so they can help your company grow faster.


Licensing deals are a powerful tool for business growth, allowing entrepreneurs and business leaders to expand their reach and generate recurring income. Entrepreneurs can easily double and triple their income and even expand their business tenfold or more through strategic licensing deals. As such, licensing deals are a lucrative yet underutilized opportunity for businesses.

Licensing allows individuals or companies to grant others the right to use their intellectual property, technology, or content in exchange for a fee. But there’s even more that goes into a licensing deal than just the usage to consider. Licensing deals are complex, and entrepreneurs need to consider: Licensing fees and royalties, and the need for clear parameters, including exclusivity, minimums, and control over the use of the licensed property.


Identifying opportunities for licensing intellectual property is paramount to success when it comes to utilizing intellectual property (or “IP” for short). There are opportunities for entrepreneurs to license inventions, products, software, processes, and other forms of intellectual property to larger companies with the capability to manufacture, distribute, and further develop the licensed assets.

But, when it comes to usage of IP, entrepreneurs need to be aware of the fact that it’s not a cheap endeavor. You must understand the parameters and industry standards for royalty rates in licensing agreements. Researching and learning about the usual royalty rates for licensing specific types of content or inventions within your industry is one of the biggest tools to prepare you when making IP deals. You must also be confident in setting your own clear parameters for exclusivity and minimum revenue requirements in licensing agreements to protect your interests of licensors.


Folks, I’m not going to sugarcoat it – there is exponential potential for growth and expansion in IP deals. Not only as a licensee but as a licensor. You can generate recurring income and expand your reach by licensing your own IP to other companies, both within and outside your industry. Through this, entrepreneurs can create opportunities for collaboration with competitors and companies with complementary capabilities, providing you with access to new markets and distribution channels.

Again, do your own due diligence with your IP, and learn what industry norms are when it comes to fees, as well as create your own clear parameters for quality control and brand protection. Licensing deals can provide ongoing opportunities for innovation and product development, allowing licensors to continually evolve and improve their intellectual property while generating income through licensing deals.

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Corey Kupfer is an expert strategist, deal-maker, and business consultant with more than 35 years of professional negotiating experience as a successful entrepreneur and attorney.


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