M&A Talk with Leading RIA Aggregators and Integrators: Solocast

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M&A Talk with Leading RIA Aggregators and Integrators: Solocast

DealQuest Community, in this series, we've seen a wide range of models that have evolved to fit different types of advisors and firms, from those that want to maintain their independence while gaining the support of a larger entity, to those that see the value in fully integrating into a larger firm for more support, resources, and potential for growth.

In fact, this evolution and variety of models are a testament to the maturation and dynamism of the RIA industry. As the industry grows, so too do the options for RIA firms. While this abundance of choice can be confusing, it also means that there is likely a model out there that fits your firm's needs and goals.



Even if you are not currently in the RIA space, my hope is that this series has offered valuable insights into the mechanics of mergers and acquisitions, deal structuring, and the evolution of business models - knowledge that can be applied in other industries, as well.

In the world of financial services, there are a variety of models that firms can adopt, ranging from fully integrated ones to those that are far less so. This blog post will delve into these models, discuss the evolution of firms, and offer insights into their unique strategies and philosophies.

What is crucial for potential sellers and buyers alike is to understand the nuances of these different models and to critically examine how well they align with their own objectives. This is where our special series comes in - by providing insights straight from the horse's mouth, we aim to shed light on the different aggregator and integrator models, the types of firms they are looking to attract, and their unique value propositions.



While future predictions are always uncertain, it is clear that the industry will continue to grow and evolve. Firms will continue to adapt their models and strategies, deal structures will change, and new players will enter the space. Despite the challenges, the industry remains a promising space for growth, consolidation, and development.

Overall, the financial industry is an exciting space to watch. With the industry's increased sophistication, more options are available for deal-making, and financing is more accessible than ever before. These firms are not only successful in attracting the right advisors but also offer a variety of options that cater to different needs and preferences.


It's been an honor to explore the intricate world of M&A with leading RIA aggregators and integrators throughout this series. The insights, experiences, and perspectives shared by these industry trailblazers have been invaluable.

If you're new to the DealQuest Community or even if you haven’t listened to the series, I invite you to dive in and learn from these experts as they discuss their unique models, strategies, and visions for the future. For those of you who've been on this journey with me, I encourage you to revisit these episodes, as there's always something new to discover. Each conversation is a gold mine of knowledge that can greatly influence your understanding of this dynamic industry.

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Corey Kupfer is an expert strategist, deal-maker, and business consultant with more than 35 years of professional negotiating experience as a successful entrepreneur and attorney.


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