Preparation in Business Deals with Matt Putra

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Preparation in Business Deals with Matt Putra

Matt Putra is a veteran Chief Financial Officer with a proven track record of scaling, transforming, and financing small and medium-sized businesses. As an accomplished Fractional CFO specializing in e-commerce companies and agencies, Matt brings invaluable financial expertise to the table.

His impressive portfolio includes successful collaborations with Eightx, Tru Earth, The Turmeric, and Lusomé, where he played a crucial role in ensuring their financial prosperity. Beyond his role as a Fractional CFO, Matt also serves as a Co-Owner, CFO, and COO at Keep Nature Wild, showcasing his multifaceted capabilities. With a keen ability to approach deals from various angles and a knack for creative problem-solving, Matt ensures that businesses not only survive but thrive by exploring unconventional ways to structure deals, offering unique perspectives on collateral, and crafting deal terms that benefit all parties involved.



In the world of business, it's crucial to ensure that board investors are knowledgeable about the company's financial status without getting too deep into the details. This delicate balance can be achieved through effective financial reporting and communication. By providing board investors with accurate and relevant information, companies can build trust and confidence, ultimately optimizing the relationship for successful business deals.

There is great significance of showing acquirers that the company knows how to budget and stick to a budget, as well as demonstrating the ability to meet projections and expectations. Transparency is necessary here, as well as financial discipline and strategic goal setting to optimize relationships with board investors.



Several key factors impact a company’s valuation:

  • Proper financial preparation (including budgeting, system analysis, and EBITDA evaluation)
  • Having clean and accurate bookkeeping
  • Understanding tax exposure
  • Optimizing financial and operational systems

By demonstrating a strong understanding of financial metrics and implementing best practices, businesses can increase their profitability and overall value. Additionally, addressing governance and cleanup issues through meticulous financial preparation can mitigate concerns during due diligence processes, positively impacting potential deals and investments. On the contrary, there are deal-killing consequences of not having proper financial records.

This is where having a strong CFO comes in. They will provide financial analysis, strategic planning, and have governance to optimize margins, streamline operations, and prepare the company for growth and potential sale.



Engaging financial services, such as CFO support, bookkeeping, and financial analysis, can empower entrepreneurs to make informed decisions and drive business growth. These services not only ensure compliance with government regulations but also provide strategic insights for optimizing business operations, identifying growth opportunities, and achieving financial freedom. By leveraging financial expertise, entrepreneurs can navigate deals, acquisitions, and capital raises with confidence and efficiency.

The meticulous preparation and reporting of financial information are critical components of successful business deals, valuations, and overall business growth. By prioritizing financial transparency, leveraging professional financial services, and maintaining a strategic focus, companies can optimize relationships with investors, enhance their valuation, and ultimately achieve greater freedom and success in the business world.

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Corey Kupfer is an expert strategist, deal-maker, and business consultant with more than 35 years of professional negotiating experience as a successful entrepreneur and attorney.


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