Shedding Light on RIA Transitions in Financial Advisor IQ Article

DealQuest Community, I recently had the honor of being quoted in a compelling Financial Advisor IQ article by the talented Brianna Monsanto. With a straight-forward title Considering Jumping Ship from One RIA to Another? Here's How To Ensure Smooth Sailing, this piece addresses the ever-shifting terrain of the wealth management industry. As we see an increase in advisors considering a transition within the RIA channel, comprehending the nuances of such maneuvers becomes even more crucial.


Having navigated the intricacies of the wealth management sector for years, I've cultivated a deep respect for the importance of staying informed. This is particularly vital when we tread the waters of M&A deals, and the consistent flow of private equity into the space.


A point I emphasized in Monsanto's article is the contrast between intentions and outcomes. While independent firms embark on deals with the best intentions towards their employees, the aftermath of these acquisitions can sometimes deviate from those original aspirations.


I also want to tip my hat to other seasoned industry leaders who contributed their wisdom to this enlightening article. Kevin Galbraith, Max Schatzow, and Christopher Rowlett, among others, offer invaluable insights that any advisor – whether considering a transition or simply aiming to stay updated – should take the time to read.


For those standing at the crossroads of a career shift, or for those simply curious about the ebb and flow of the RIA domain, Monsanto's piece is an enlightening beacon. She captures the complexities, challenges, and considerations inherent in such transitions.


I am genuinely appreciative of the platform provided to share my insights and to further the dialogue in our ever-evolving industry. With shared knowledge and open communication, we can continue to advance and refine our practices.


Be sure to check out Brianna Monstanto’s Financial Advisor IQ article:

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Corey Kupfer is an expert strategist, deal-maker, and business consultant with more than 35 years of professional negotiating experience as a successful entrepreneur and attorney.


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