The Future of Work with Brett Martin

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The Future of Work with Brett Martin

This week on the DealQuest Podcast, I had the pleasure to host guest Brett Martin, co-founder of Kumospace, a virtual office software for teams and events. Kumospace takes the unique experience of in-office work – where there is culture and community – and brings it to a post-COVID world, where working from home is commonplace. Furthermore, he is the Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Charge Ventures, a pre-seed-focused venture fund.

When it comes to business in the technology age, success often depends on a combination of entrepreneurial vision and technological innovation – and Brett embodies this dynamic spirit of entrepreneurship and technology. Brett truly is at the forefront of reshaping the way we work and invest in the digital age.


In a post-pandemic world, the concept of work has undergone a profound transformation. Remote work, once seen as a novelty, has become a mainstream way of conducting business. This opens the way for innovative solutions to emerge, and bridge the gap between virtual teams. One such solution is Kumospace, the brainchild of Brett himself.

The pandemic forced many companies to reevaluate their traditional office setups. Even those not traditionally seen as tech-savvy, like law firms, found themselves having to adapt to the virtual workspace. Brett’s own journey into the world of remote work began in 2012 when he realized that most meetings could be conducted virtually.

The shift towards remote work has highlighted the need for technology that not only enables remote collaboration but also fosters a sense of connection and engagement among team members. Companies are looking for unified solutions that can bring together various remote work tools and create a seamless experience for distributed teams. This new paradigm demands more than just a collection of disparate tools; it calls for integrated platforms like Kumospace.



Certainly, we’ve all heard the joke “This could have been an email,” instead of making a commute to work for a quick meeting. Kumospace solves that sentiment, requiring a person to merely open their computer to get the memo.

Kumospace is not just another video conferencing platform – it's a virtual office, literally. Imagine a digital workspace where your team can gather, collaborate, and communicate seamlessly as if they were physically present in the same room. Kumospace offers a unified video chat platform that transcends the limitations of traditional virtual meetings.



People have grown to appreciate the flexibility of remote work, with benefits like no commutes and more time with family. There are, however, still elements of the office environment that people miss, such as spontaneous interactions and quick questions. Kumospace aims to bridge this gap by offering a virtual office experience that combines the best of both worlds. Be sure to check out Kumospace now to see if it might be right for your team:

In addition to Kumospace, Brett serves as the head of Charge Ventures, a pre-seed venture capital fund. With a focus on the New York City startup ecosystem, Charge Ventures has invested in nearly 70 portfolio companies. Brett emphasizes the importance of founder-market fit. Whether it's a first-time founder with a unique insight or a seasoned entrepreneur, their main criteria revolve around the founder's deep connection to the problem they aim to solve. To learn more about Charge Ventures, check them out today:

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Corey Kupfer is an expert strategist, deal-maker, and business consultant with more than 35 years of professional negotiating experience as a successful entrepreneur and attorney.


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