The Resilient Path: Entrepreneurship and Perseverance with Elliot Kallen

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Note: I want to share a brief content warning to my readers and listeners regarding this episode with guest Elliot Kallen. While Elliot’s story is powerful and important, there is open discussion of teenage mental health and self-harm. If you or someone you know is struggling, please see below for resources.

Elliot Kallen stands as an exemplar of leadership, leveraging a profound wealth of expertise amassed over three decades in entrepreneurial endeavors and financial advisory services. With a commitment to excellence, Elliot is the driving force behind Prosperity Financial Group, Inc., drawing from his experience as a CEO of two other companies and an international business builder.

Beyond his prowess in the financial realm, Elliot is a sought-after keynote speaker, gracing platforms for charities, podcasts, and radio shows to share insights on motivation, leadership, charitable initiatives, marketing strategies, and diverse financial topics. Notably, he serves as the President of A Brighter Day Charity, a 501c(3) organization born from personal tragedy—the loss of his youngest son, Jake, in 2015. A Brighter Day Charity's outreach has profoundly impacted numerous families, solidifying its role as a beacon of hope in the lives of teens and parents alike.



A word you don’t hear frequently when discussing business and dealmaking is “empathy”. Elliot, however, has made it a goal of his to implement this emotion into his business and dealmaking. In fact, he believes it is a crucial trait for entrepreneurs, as it allows them to truly understand and connect with their clients' needs and aspirations.

By utilizing empathy within his business and dealmaking, Elliot is enabled to build some of the strongest relationships with his clients. By genuinely caring about his clients’ well-being and success – going so far as to treat them like family – he creates a unique and approachable experience that is unmatched in the financial advisory industry.



Elliot is no stranger to challenges, not just in his professional life, but also in his personal life. These challenges have highlighted the importance of perseverance for Elliot – and it should be something that all entrepreneurs learn.

Perseverance is a crucial trait for entrepreneurs to possess and cultivate. The path of entrepreneurship is often filled with challenges, setbacks, and failures. It requires the ability to keep going despite these obstacles and maintain a relentless pursuit of success. Without perseverance, many entrepreneurs would give up at the first sign of difficulty, missing out on the opportunities and growth that come from pushing through adversity. Frankly put, perseverance is sometimes what separates successful entrepreneurs from those who fall short.



Most of us are no stranger to the unbearable weight of mental health and stress. Each year, teenagers face depression and other mental health issues alone, but we need to step up for our youth and let them know they’re not alone. That’s why Elliot started his charity, A Brighter Day.

A Brighter Day is a mental health resource that focuses on providing resources and support for teens and their families who are dealing with stress and depression. The aim of A Brighter Day is to prevent teen suicide, and as such, they have been able to reach thousands of families each month with their resources.


To learn more about A Brighter Day, please visit their website:
If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out for help:

  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: Dial 988
  • Mental Health Community Services: Dial 211
  • Immediate Emergency Services: Dial 911

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