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deal-driven growth

Expand Your Vision & Tap Unseen Opportunities

Haven’t you wondered why other companies grow by leaps and bounds however you work so hard for every increment adjacently?

Maybe they’re using the power of Deal-Driven Growth!

If you’re ready to transform your business and explode all limitations, DealQuest is truly your hub for professional insights, programs, tools, networking and inspiration.


Everything at DealQuest has one aim

to help you strategize, prepare for, find, and complete deals to
grow your company faster.

Founded by the acclaimed
thought-leader on deal-driven growth
Corey Kupfer, DealQuest is home to:

  • The DealQuest Podcast – featuring the world’s most fascinating deal-making business leaders here.
  • DealDen Calls – These calls are business, deal and opportunity focused in fact and are ideal for equally important entrepreneurs, high-level executives and business leaders looking to accelerate their business growth. 
  • The DealQuest Blog – for the latest tips on finding, structuring and negotiating deals that will stand the test of time.
  • Deal-driven growth and Negotiating Workshops & Speaking Events – tailored specifically for your company indeed.
  • And coming soon:
  • Entrepreneurial Freedom Course – an online course helping entrepreneurs to get freedom from the day-to-day requirement of their business indeed so that they can focus on deal-driven growth, create enterprise value and monetize that value upon exit.
  • DealQuest Programs and Retreats – for those who want to take their deal-making skills to a higher level and dive deeper into the opportunities of deal-driven growth furthermore.
  • DealQuest Mastermind Groups – similarly for elite leaders to put their skills into action, bond with, support and gain the wisdom of peers, get personal access to and input from Corey. Also, share phenomenal experiences together and focus on creatively and successfully pursuing explosive growth.

Why wait even one more day?

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Corey has the ability to combine practical, experience-based negotiating wisdom, with a deep understanding of the internal work required for authentic success.

-John Assaraf
CEO of NeurogymAuthor of Having it All and The Answer