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The Pygmalion Effect

Many Authentic Negotiating readers express interest in learning more about the Pygmalion (or Rosenthal) Effect. This is something Corey talked about in Chapter 4 of the book, and is a key part of becoming a great negotiator.
You can read more of his own thoughts on this powerful effect here:

You can also learn more about self-fulfilling prophecies, the power of high expectations, and patterns of failure (all related to the Pygmalion Effect & management), in this excellent article by the Harvard Business Review, a quote from which included below:

“The influence of one person’s expectations on another’s behavior is by no means a business discovery. More than half a century ago, Albert Moll concluded from his clinical experience that subjects behaved as they believed they were expected to. The phenomenon he observed, in which “the prophecy causes its own fulfillment,” has recently become a subject of considerable scientific interest.”

Authentic Negotiating readers
Authentic Negotiating: Clarity, Detachment

Inauthentic Negotiating Tactics

Unfortunately, the most popularly known negotiation strategies tend to be manipulative and inauthentic. Here, Corey’s provided a list of strategies that you should absolutely NOT spend your time and energy attempting to learn; they will not serve you well in the long run!

As noted in Authentic Negotiating, your time is much better spent on doing the necessary inner work, which includes learning how to attain and maintain Clarity + Detachment + Equilibrium (CDE).
NOTE: The primary reason to review these tactics is to understand and know how to deal with them when other, less authentic negotiators try to use them against you.


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