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Explosive Growth

Corey Kupfer is a deal-driven growth

It’s Deal Time!

Why do some companies grow by leaps and bounds while others only inch forward? Simple. They embrace deal-driven growth in addition to organic growth!
DealQuest is where you learn how to strategize, prepare for, find,
and complete deals to grow your company faster.

Listen in as host Corey Kupfer takes you behind the scenes with some of the world’s most fascinating deal-savvy business leaders. This is the one place where they can openly share the secret to deals they have done (or failed to do) and the issues, opportunities, benefits, pitfalls and lessons learned.


Here you learn first-hand
all about:

  • How every company can do deals
  • Powerful deals that require little or no capital
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and tuck-ins
  • Joint ventures, strategic alliances and business partnerships
  • Capital raising and financing
  • Affiliate, sponsorship and licensing
  • And many other types of deals
  • Finding, negotiating, structuring, valuing, closing and integrating deals
PLUS: How to shift your mindset to become a deal-maker and prepare your company to pursue deals successfully.
Don’t be the one at the table who doesn’t grasp the power of
deal-driven growth!

If you’ve listened to the show and you have deal-related questions (or would benefit from strategic support in your deal-driven growth journey), you might be a great fit for our LIVE,
DealQuest Laser Deal-Making sessions!

Laser Deal-Making Session guests get a chance to talk with Corey 1-1 as part of a podcast interview. You get to ask your most pressing, deal-driven growth questions, and get personalized support.

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