Episode 151: From Janitor to a 23 Year Old Millionaire with E.A. Csolkovits

Season #1

I had the honor of talking with the incredibly successful and inspirational, E.A. Csolkovits! E.A. is the definition of a renaissance man. He's done it all from running multi-million dollar companies to being a pilot. He comes from the most humble roots, just like his mentor did. His mentor built a business that took him from starving on the streets to being a millionaire during the great depression.

Then E.A. himself built his own career from being a janitor driving 12 hours every weekend just to learn how to run a business. Both of those men built their success through the same concept, the concept of giving. Listen in to learn more about how to discern who you want to have around you, why you NEED a mentor, how to earn a million dollars in a depression, recognize the problem around you to generate your own success, the GIVER's scale, start a competition to earn someone else more money and so much more!

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