Episode 158: A Record Breaking Year For Deals

Season #1

The episode explores the deals that made 2021 a record breaking year, good and bad. There were record numbers in the finance and tech sector in the past year.  

It seems that 2022 is going to be another really good year. Psychologically, coming out of the pandemic, everyone is really interested in getting back to business and looking for opportunities to have the capital to do it.  

Unexpected Industries 

The restaurant industry is, as always, a lot more lit than we think. The fact that so many deals closed with such high-powered clientele should tell you everything about how strong this sector really is! You might think that with the turbulence of 2021 in the restaurant industry less deals might've closed or the deals generated might've represented less money but you'd be wrong. The industry's challenges did not stop deals from closing or money from being made. 

Fastest Growing Industries For Deal-Makers

Financial services and FinTech are hot industries right now, but they won't be the only ones to watch. Wealth management is also seeing an increase in private equity funding - especially from PE firms that have been investing heavily into other financial service companies like banks or wealth planners recently. This is an industry booming with opportunities. It will be interesting to see where all that PE money goes!

Luckily for pet owners, there is a booming market in the US and abroad for everything from food to toys. The increase of people with pets has led many companies specializing on these goods as well. With the rise in popularity of pets, particularly dogs and cats during a pandemic that hit many countries worldwide; demand for pet supplies has increased. This means more people are looking to purchase products made by companies specifically catering towards their needs- which is great news because it provides an opportunity!

Listen to this solocast to learn more about:

  • What sectors thrived through the uncertainty
  • How deal-driven growth proved to be the way to thrive 
  • What sectors surprised us all and how
  • And more!

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