Episode 278: Serendipity in Business with Noah Graff

Season #1

Fellow entrepreneur, dealmaker and podcast host, Noah Graff, joins us this week for a discussion on treasure-hunting, brokering M&A deals, and roles of relationships in business. Noah is multi-faceted and experienced dealmaker, having traversed around the globe, procuring and distributing used machinery.

Beyond his jet-setting global deals, Noah’s prowess extends into the realm of M&A, with his company, Graff-Pinkert, orchestrating numerous successful acquisitions and mergers in the precision machining industry. Not content with his already bustling schedule, Noah also channels his passion for the industry through his work as a blogger and editor for Today’s Machining World, a premiere B2B platform serving the precision machining community.

Rounding out his distinguished list of feathers in his proverbial hard hat, Noah also boasts the title of podcast host for Today’s Machining World’s podcast, Swarfcast, a podcast with a goal of being “a bold, creative, and unorthodox attempt [at] bringing the drama and magic of the machining and manufacturing world to readers who appreciate something informative and fun.” Noah is most certainly a visionary leader, and relentless advocate for professional excellence through the Swarfcast podcast.

We’ve discussed more than once on the DealQuest Podcast the importance of building relationships and making connections in the business world. Noah takes it a step further in his personal business ethos by placing emphasis on the value of personal connections and how they can lead to the best deals.

Noah’s background leads him to look for deals with a treasure-hunter mindset; the treasure being a successful, serendipitous deal. Paired with his focus on relationships within business, his approach to deals has fostered two concepts: “serendipity bombs” and “serendipity hooks”.

“Serendipity bombs” is where one makes their own luck by reaching out to multiple potential partners or buyers to increase the chance of finding the right – and arguably best – fit for a deal. By widening the scope of potential buyers simultaneously instead of one at a time, Noah believes, that you can effectively generate your own luck and be more efficient at finding the most successful deal.

“Serendipity hooks” are merely certain things one can do in a conversation to make important information be revealed. It’s not just about being a good listener in conversations, because if you’re letting a person do all the talking, Noah believes, you’re going to learn important things, of course, but sometimes you need to say certain things for important details to come out For example: Asking very specific questions or sharing more personal information can lead to important connections and opportunities. Ones that may not have presented themselves had not you not been proactive in cultivating your relationships, which can greatly impact one’s ability to create successful deals.

Embracing mindfulness and serendipity for success involves being open to the opportunities that present themselves and being mindful of the connections and coincidences that occur in everyday life. It's about being present, aware, and ready to seize opportunities when they arise.

For Noah, that means becoming a “serendipity magnet”, which involves actively seeking, seeing, and seizing new opportunities at every chance. It’s about creating a mindset that attract serendipitous moments and being open to the unexpected connections and opportunities that come your way. As mentioned before, being a “serendipity magnet” also involves making effort to creating your own luck – and this can be achieved by placing “serendipity bombs” and “serendipity hooks” out into the universe.

By remaining proactive and practicing these important serendipity-focused concepts, Noah is capable of building remarkable opportunities in both personal and professional endeavors – the power of which can be greater than the traditional conquest of deals. Noah's wisdom serves as a guiding light in navigating the complexities and opportunities of deal-driven growth for entrepreneur and business leaders alike.

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