Mentors who Influenced Corey Kupfer

Every successful person can name others who have inspired their journey and transformed their lives. These thought leaders come into our lives through personal connections, books, podcasts, conferences, and more -- and once there, they are a powerful, lifelong presence providing resources, inspiration, and guidance.

Two of Corey’s top mentors include Bob Proctor and his work on paradigm shifts, & Lisa Nichols with her encouragement and ability to weave family and story into her work.

From his father, Corey learned about the power of taking a stand… and the power of taking a vacation. He taught him many things, including this:

The ultimate definition of winning the game of life is to die without any regrets.

If you’d like to know more about the man who raised Corey and instilled the values, drive, and compassion that have been part of Corey’s success, you can find out more here.

From his father, Corey learned
Laser Deal-Making Session

Corey’s work in negotiations and deal-making has given him a bird’s eye view of what it takes to be a deal-maker.

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On the last Wednesday of every month, you’re invited to a 90 minute, DealDen mastermind call with Corey Kupfer and other entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders looking to accelerate their growth.

deal-driven growth and negotiations
The key attributes of expert negotiators

The key attributes of expert negotiators are not based on external factors. Rather, they come from within. If you’re ready to learn the power of achieving and utilizing your own Clarity, Detachment, and Equilibrium (CDE) in order to increase your negotiation success exponentially, you need to read Authentic Negotiating!

Corey’s top mentors

Already read Authentic Negotiating? You can access additional resources mentioned there, such as the Pygmalion/Rosenthal Effect, inauthentic negotiation tactics, and more!