DealQuest  Podcast with Corey Kupfer

DealQuest Podcast with Corey Kupfer

Hosted by: Corey Kupfer

Why do some companies grow by leaps and bounds while others only inch forward? Simple. They embrace Deal-Driven Growth in addition to organic growth! DealQuest is where you learn how to strategize, prepare for, find,...


Episode 150: An Acronym for Deal-Making success with Corey Kupfer

Season #1

Last week Scott Walton and I talked about relationships, and how pivotal they are for deal-making. Scott’s deals and succession plan were built on his relationships, and that’s true for many deal-makers. It’s...
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Episode 149: The Total Financial Picture with Scott Walton

Episode #149

Scott Walton has worked in the securities industry since 1992. He started with a training period at Dean Witter Reynolds' headquarters in New York, where he first began developing his skills in asset allocation,...
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Episode 148: Revolutionary Deals with Rha Goddess

Episode #148

Rha Goddess is THE entrepreneurial soul coach behind hundreds of breakthrough changemakers, cultural visionaries, and social entrepreneurs. Her mission? To revolutionize the way we live, work, play and do business....
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Episode 147: Best Of: Building Better Deals with Corey Kupfer

Episode #147

Listen to this powerful Best Of: Building Better Deals episode to learn how Stephanie Scheller can help you find valuable deals that are worth pursuing, what Henry Daas can teach you about dealing with the potential...
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Episode 146: What makes a Deal-Maker?

Episode #146

This week on the solocast, I’m thinking about the difference between people who really get things done, and people who don’t. I’ve noticed that lots of people talk about doing things like writing a book, starting a...
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Episode 145: Strategic Planning for Entrepreneurs with John Bly

Episode #145

John Bly is an amazing deal-maker, as well as a returning DealQuest guest! (You can also hear from him in Episode 7, Acquisition: Not Just for the Big Guys.) He specializes in tax planning, mergers and acquisitions,...
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Episode 144: Finding Financial Liberation With Mel Abraham

Episode #144

Mel Abraham helps business owners and entrepreneurs build meaningful businesses so that they can have more profit, fans and freedom. His principles help customers become raving fans and your life full with fulfillment...
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Episode 143: Franchising, Raising Money, and the Deal-Maker's Journey with Kamran Saleem

Episode #143

Franchising, Raising Money, and the Deal-Maker's Journey with Kamran Saleem Automotive expert Kamran Saleem has over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry. He is skilled at raising money, franchising, and...
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K-Economy, M&A Trends, and 2021 Deals in Q4

Episode #142

If you listen to the show regularly, you know I like to periodically review M&A trends. Q4 of 2021 is no different! Right now, we’re seeing lots of interesting action. Deals have continued to be strong in this...
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Master the Inner Game to Broker More Deals

Episode #141

As a husband, father, friend, and serial entrepreneur, Tony Grebmeier’s current ventures include co-founding ShipOffers with his childhood friends, and being the creator of the Be Fulfilled Brand. Tony notes that the...
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Episode 140: Unexpected & Innovative Deal-Making

Episode #140

Barry Seidel opened his own practice right out of school in 1982. He later wrote a book about his experiences, called Evolutions of a Law Practice - How I Opened My Law Practice Right Out of Law School...and Lived to...
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Episode 139: Differentiating in Marketing and Deal-Making with Mike Michalowicz

Episode #139

I am so excited to have Mike Michalowicz back on DealQuest! He is the entrepreneur behind three multi-million dollar companies and a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal. Mike is an...
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